About Us

About Us. Who are we?

Product innovators. We create solutions to everyday problems.

With our collective backgrounds in tire recycling and plastic manufacturing / recycling, our goal was to develop and manufacture a line of products that would be innovative, attractive, and environmentally responsible.


Through research and development, we have created a way to produce Stomp Stones with up to 98% of recycled materials (recycled car tires and recycled plastic). – Patent Pending

Cost / time saving design that eliminates installation costs (typically more expensive than the cost of the pavers themselves). – Patent Pending


Realistic looking products that feel and look amazing. A variety of colors are available to help complement or accent different items in your garden.

Environmentally Responsible

We are very proud to be able to manufacture Stomp Stones in Canada.

We source all our raw materials (recycled tires and recycled plastics) locally to minimize transportation emissions.

Divert tires and plastics from local landfills.