Frequently Asked Questions.

Ask us anything. You may have some questions before you get too busy?

Q: Can I install it directly into the grass without prepping the ground?
A: In most cases, the stone can be directly installed into the grass just by stomping it in if the ground is not too hard.

Q: I tried to stomp them in, but I’m having a hard time. What should I try?
A: We recommend watering the grass (hose or sprinkler) and waiting about 15 minutes to give the ground a chance to soften. Also, wearing a work boot / shoe will make it easier to stomp.

Q: How do I cut the Stomp Stones?
A: You can use a jigsaw, mitre saw, or hacksaw

Q: Will the colour of the stone fade over time?
A: The colour is throughout the stone, however, it may slightly weather over the years (look more authentic).

Q: How many tires are saved from the land fill?
A: In a 10 sq ft patio, you could divert 4 tires (what you could consume on your car in a couple years)

Q: The Stompstone Pavers seem a bit loose when it is installed. Is this correct?
A: Yes, Stompstone Pavers will continue to solidify in the ground as it settles over the next couple of weeks.

Q: Can I power wash Stomp Stones?
A: Yes, power washing is safe for the Pavers.

Q: Will anything grow on the Stomp Stones?
A: No, they are resistant to mold and moss… unlike concrete pavers