Patio & Deck

Patio & Deck
Drop. Stomp. Done. You'll never want to use stone pavers again!
Patio & Deck
Primo Patio: Easily transform a section of your lawn into a more useable area for your next patio party.  Stomp Stone Pavers provide a quick and attractive option to extend or create a patio - whether big or small - where you currently have grass, gravel, or soil.  Or plan a more intimate event by creating a small sitting area in your favorite spot in your yard.
  • Do it yourself - installs in seconds!
  • Durable - will not crack!
  • Convenient - easy to maintain!
  • Long-lasting - resists scratching, stains, and moss!
  • Easy - self-leveling system!
  • twelve by twelve inches (12" x 12"), or one square foot (1 sq. ft.)
  • UV resistant
  • Made from up to 98% recycled materials for a sustainable environment
  • Lightweight (under 2 lbs.) compared to concrete pavers (over 20 lbs.)
  • Designed and Made in North America
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